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ConformationMondays, 6:00 pm, Jan 15 start. Drop-in
PuppySandy LThurs, 7:00 pm, Jan 18-Feb22
CLASS FULL Foundation Rally SkillsTeresa MTues, 6:00 pm, Jan 16-Feb20
CLASS FULL Foundations for Competition ObedienceMaggie HTues, 7:00 pm, Jan 16-Feb20
CLASS FULL Introduction to K9 Nose WorkGail BThurs, 6:00 pm, Jan 18-Feb22
HomeworkChoice of Tuesdays or Thursdays, 6pm or 7pm, Jan 16-Feb22


6 week classes
Non members $125
Members $95

Homework class $35

Conformation practice $50 for 8 weeks or $10 drop in

*Payment is arranged after registration is accepted and confirmed.


Please note:

Not all dogs are suitable or comfortable in group classes situations. Neither group classes nor homework sessions are available for dogs that are fearful, anxious, have uncontrollable barking or lunge with aggression towards other dogs or people.  

We suggest you seek out private training elsewhere to prepare your dog to be comfortable and safe around other dogs training prior to a group or homework class.  We do not offer private training however we can provide lists of local trainers who might be able to help you.

If the instructor or classes chair find that your dog is not suitable for a group class environment, you will be informed privately, your spot will be withdrawn, and your class or homework fees will be refunded to you according to the balance remaining. Nanaimo Kennel Club’s belief in the welfare of all dogs also must take into account the safety and welfare of other dogs and students in the class as well at that of the instructor. A dog that has difficulty in a group setting may need private one-on-one training before they are safe in a class with other dogs and people. Your support and understanding in this matter is appreciated.