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Our Librarian is Beverley Maccorquodale

Alphabet Drills – Nancy Gyes

Advanced Agility Workbook Manual – Clean Run
Intermediate Agility Workbook Manual – Clean Run
Intro Agility Workbook Manual – Clean Run
The Agility Advantage – Dr. Christine Zink
Construction Plans for Dog Agility Obstacles – Kenneth Titch (1995)
Dog Tricks and Agility for Dummies – Sarah Hodgson
Course Analysis for Agility Handlers – Stuart Mah
Agility Start to Finish – Diane Bauman (2008)
Agility Fun Hobday Way VII
Agility Fun Hobday Way VI

Train the dog in front of you – Denise Fenzi
When Pigs Fly - Jane Killion
Dog training with a head halter – Miriam Fields
Play training your dog – Pat McConnell Phd
The power of positive training – Pat Miller
The Culture Clash – Jean Donaldson
Solutions – Mordecai Siegal
How to housebreak your dog in 7 days – Shirlee kalstone
Dog training for Dummjies – Volhard
Train your dog – Coles
Maran illustrated dog training (includes tricks) – Maran
Teach yourself Visually – Sarah Hodgson
Excel-Erated learning – Pamela Reid
What all good dogs should know – J. Volhard and M. Bartlett
Training dogs a manual – Conrad most
Dr. Dunbars good little dog book – Dr. ian Dunbar
Line training for dogs – Monika Gutmann
New art of dog training – Shelby Marlo
The Complete idiots guide to positive dog training – Pamela Dennison
Dog Perfect – Sarah Hodgson
How to teach a new dog old tricks – Ian Dunbar
the Urban dog – Patricia Curtis
The dog owners manual – David Brunner and Sam Stall
Don’t shoot the dog – Karen Pryor
Super training your dog – Loeb and Banks
No bad dogs – Barbara Woodhouse.

Click and Easy – Miriam Fields and Babineau
More fun with Clicker Training – Monika Gutmann
Clicker Training for Obedience – Morgan Spector

Steppin up to Success Book 1-2-3 – Tery Arnold and Anne Pacal
Success is in the Proofing – Debbie Quigley and Judy Ramsey
Competition Obedience, A Balancing Act – Adele Yunck
The art of proofing – Adele Yunck
Ring Ready – Marie Sawford
Ring Wise – Marie Sawford
Beyond Basic Dog Training – Diane Bauman
Dual Ring Dog – J. Fraser and A. Ammen
Open and Utilityt training – J and W. Volhard
Dog are problem solvers, handlers should be also – Connie Cleveland
Dogs are problem solvers, complete obedience training – Connie Cleveland
Toward the PH.D for Dogs – Marin/Chagnon
Schutzhund obedience training in drive – G Dildei and Shirley Booth
Awesome Obedience - Hannah Branigan

Puppy Primer – Terry Ryan
Idiot guids to puppies – Gorman
How to Raise a puppy you can live with – Rutherford and Neil
Common Sense Puppy and Dog Care
Good Little Dog Book – Dr. Ian Dunbars
Dog Adoption – Walker

Before And After Getting Your Puppy – Dr Ian Dunbar (2004)
Control Unleashed Puppy Program – Leslie Mcdevitt MLA, Cdbc, Cpdt (2012)
A Puppy Called Aero—- Saved Boy with Adhd – Liam Creed (2009)
Complete Idiot’s Guide to Puppies – M. A. Gorman (2005)
Know How to Raise and Train Your Puppy – The Pet Library
Enjoy Your Puppy –

101 Dog Tricks – Kyra Sundance (2007)
Barron’s the Trick Is In the Training – 25 Fun Tricks – Stephanie Taunton and Cheryl Smith (1998)
Dog Training and Tricks –
Dog Tricks – Captain Arthur Haggerty, Carol Enjamin (1978)
The Only Dog Tricks Book You’ll Ever Need – Gerilyn Bielakiewicz (2005)

Instruction manuals – J. Rogerson
Teaching dog obedience classes manual
Connie Cleveland Seminar spread sheets
Coaching people to train their dogs teaching manual – Terry Ryan

Best Hikes with Dogs Western Washington – Dan Nelson
Enthusiastic Tracking, Step – Step W. Sanders
K9 Scent detection – Jan Kaldenbach
Born to Pull – B. Cary, G. Marcken

A Rough Shooting Dog – Charles Fergus
About Tracking Dog Raining – Betty Mueller (2008)
Building Blocks for Performance – Bobbie Anderson /Tracy Libby (2002)
Flying High the Complete Book of Fly Ball – Joan Payne (1996)
Guarding Dog Training Koehler Method – William Koehler (1967)
Gun Dog – Richard Wolters
Hunting With Pointing Dogs – Joe Stetson (1965)
Hunting With Retrievers – Joe Stetson (1965)
Jumping From A to Z – Christine Zink Dvm, PhD (1996)
Line Training For Dogs – Monika Gutmann (2008)
Lure Coursing – Arthur S. Beaman (1994)
Skijor with Your Dog – Mari Hoe-Raitto and Carol Kaynor (1991)
Taking Your Dog Backpacking – Alan and Joann Riley (1979)
The World of Sled Dogs – Lorna Coppinger (1977)
The World of Sled Dogs – Lorna Coppinger (1977)
Tracking Dog — Theory and Methods – Glen Johnson (1977)
Tracking Dog Theory and Methods – Glen Johnson (2009)
Training Your German Shepherd Dog – Dan Rice Dvm (1999)
Water Dog – Richard Wolters (1964)

For the love of dogs – Will Alexander

Conquering Ring nerves  – Dianne Mayer
From Shy to Showy-  help for your Shy Show Dog – Vicki Ronchette, CPDT
An Eye for a Dog – Robert Cole
Book of Breed Standards – CKC
CKC Book Of Dogs Centennial Edition 2x – CKC (1982)
CKC Kennel Club Book of Dogs – Centennial Edition (1989)
Historical CKC Studbook 1945 – CKC
How to Show Your Own Dog – Virginia Tuck Nichols (1969)
Mysteries of Breed Type – Richard Beauchamp (2008)
Secrets of Show Dog Handling Early Training to Ring Strategy – Mario Migliorini (1974)
Successful Dog Showing – Robert and Jane Forsyth (1975)
That Winning Feeling – Jane Savoie (1992)
The AKC World of the Pure-Bred Dog – Edited Duncan Barnes and AKC Staff (1983)
The Book of Breed Standards – CKC (1962)
The Great American Dog Show Game – Dr Alvin Grossman (1985)
The Kennel Clubs Illustrated Breed Standards – Kc (1989)
The New Knowledge of Dog Behavior – Pfaffenberger (1963)
The Nicholas Guide to Dog Judging – Anna Katherine Nicholas (1970)
The Show Dog Complete Handling Guide – Jeff and Betty Brucker (1978)
The Winning Edge Show Ring Secrets – George Alston
Tricks of the Trade – Best Intentions to Best in Show – Pat Hastings and Erin Rouse (2005)

NEW 2018
The Retrieve 2 – Michael Ellis
Leash reactivity – Tyler Muto
Loose leash walking skills – Tyler Muto
Training the Recall – Michael Ellis
Introduction to Training – Jeff Frawley Leerburg

NEW 2017
Game On – Nicole Skeeham
Raising your Pup – Michael Ellis
Aggression and Dominance – Leerburg–Ed Frawley
Finishing Work – Michael Ellis
Puppy Culture – Jane Killion
Leash Skills – Michael Ellis
Foundation Training for every Dog – Brenda Aloff
Sirius Puppy Training – Dr Ian Dunbar

Different Breeds Different Needs – Trish King
Dogs Are Problem Solvers – Connie Cleveland
Muzzle Up – Maureen Backman
Reinforcement Strategies (How to Use Non-Food Reinforcers Effectively) – Ken Ramirez
Focused Heeling – Michael Ellis
Leash Skills – Michael Ellis
Proofing and Problem Solving – Janice Gunn
Positive Puppy Training – Janice Gunn
Get Smart for Dog Sport – Kathy Sdao
Relationship Building and Ring Entrance Skills for Obedience and Rally – Janice Gunn
Drive Development for Competition Obedience – Tami Macleod
Heeler's Toolbox 1 – Forest Micke (2016)
Heeler's Toolbox 2 – Forrest Micke (2016)
Heeler's Toolbox 3 - Forest Micke (2018)
Engagement Skills – Forrest Micke
Canine Freestyle Trick Behavior – M. Pouliot
20 Principles All Animal Trainers Must Know – Rodger Abrantes
Got Attitude – Bridgette Carlson
Step Up to The Platform – M. Pouliot
Toolbox for Problem Dogs and About Aversive – Terry Ryan
Problem Solving – Ken Ramirez
Rally Freestyle Elements Set Of 6
Rally Freestyle Elements and Intermediate/Advanced Rally Free

209 Awards Banquet – Nkc
Calming Signals – Turid Rugas
Cruciate Seminar – Arabella Baird
Dog Aggression Biting – Dr Ian Dunbar (2006)
Dog Aggression Fighting – Dr Ian Dunbar (2006)
Dog Training Companion Dog
Dog Training for Children – Dr Ian Dunbar (2006)
Every Picture Tells a Story – Dr Ian Dunbar (2006)
Foundation Agility
Motivational Techniques – Bridget Carlson
Nosework – Andrew Ramsey (2012)
Puppy Intensive Care a Breeders Guide to Newborns – Myra Savant Harris Rn (2006)
Puppy Jumping – Susan Salo (2009)
Puppy Puzzle Evaluating Structural Quality – Pat Hastings
Sirius Adult Dog Training – Dr Ian Dunbar (2009)
Sirius Puppy Training – Dr Ian Dunbar (2006)
The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog – Michael Ellis
The Power of Training Dogs with Food – Michael Ellis
Training Dogs – Dr Ian Dunbar
Training the Retrieve – Michael Ellis
Who Trains Whom – Dr Ian Dunbar (1994)
Your Puppy, 8 weeks to 8 months - Ed Frawley (2010)
Hiking - Ed Frawley
Training The Jumps - Michael Ellis
Raising Your Puppy - Michael Ellis
Protection without a Decoy - Michael Ellis
Ecollar work with Michael Ellis

Feisty Fido , help for leash reactive dogs – Patricia McConnell PHD
The hidden life of dogs – Elizabeth Thomas
The dog listener – Jan Fennell
Good Owners, Great Dogs – Brian Kilcommons
What the dog knows – Cat Warren
Be the pack leader – Cesar Millan
Feeling Outnumbered – Patricia McConnel Phd
Inside of a dog – Alexandra Horowitz
Cesar’s Way – C. Millan
Dogs on the Couch – Dr. Lachman and Frank Mickadelt
Breaking bad habits in dogs – Colin Tennant
The other end of the leash – Pat McConnell Phd
Almost Human – Barbara Woodhouse
Talking to Animals – Barbara Woodhouse
Animals make us human – Temple Grandin
Understanding your dog – Eberhard Trumler (forward Lorenzo)
How to speak dog – Stanley Coren
How dogs think – Stanley Coren
Canine body language – Brenda Aloff
Aggression in dogs manual – Brenda Aloff
Puppy Manual – Brenda Aloff
When pigs fly – Jane Killion
Controlling your dog – John Romba
On talking terms – Turid Rugass
Why does your dog do that – Bergman
Why we love the dogs we do – Stanley Coren
The dog listener – no author
The body language and emotion of dogs – Myra Melan DVM
What causes humor behavior – Stephen Ledoux
Coercion and its Fallout – Murray Sidman
How to be your dog’s best friend – the monks of new Skete
Second hand dog – Carol Benjamin
Control Unleashed – Leslie McDevitt
Ruff Love – Susan Garrett
Dog gone good – Gwen Bailey
Dogs that know when their owners are coming home – Rupert Sheldrake
Bones would rain from the sky –Suzanne Clothier
How and Whys of psychological dog training – Meisterfeld
Help, I’m barking and I can’t be quiet – Estep, Hetts Phd
For the love of a dog – Pat McConnell Phd
Why does my dog do that – John Fisher
How to say it to your dog – Janine Adams
The dog Aggression workbook – James O’heare
Fired up, Freaked Out – Laura Baugh

Afghan Hounds – Pissano (1980)
AKC World of the Pure Bred Dog – Staff of AKC (1983)
AKC World of the Pure Bred Dog – Staff of AKC (1984)
All About Aussies – Jeanne Joy and H. Taylor (1996)
All about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Evelyn Booth (1983)
Bichon Frise – Martin Weil (1990)
Black And Tan Coonhounds – Anna Katherine Nicholas (1990)
Borzois – Gail Mcrae (1990)
Cairn Terriers – Erliss McCormack (1990)
Cocker Spaniels – H.S. Lloyd (1957)
Collies – Diane McCarty (1980)
Collies – Diane McCarty (1980)
Collies X2 – Margaret Osborne (1972)
Complete Siberian Husky – Lorna Demidoff and Michael Jennings (1978)
Dachshunds – Tfh Publications (1984)
Doberman Pinscher How to Raise and Train – Natalie Stebbins and Sara Barbaresi (1958)
Doberman Pinschers – Hilary Harmar (1971)
English Springer Spaniels – Art Perle (1997)
English Springer Spaniels – Diane McCarty (1995)
How to Raise and Train a Bulldog – Evelyn Miller (1960)
How to Raise and Train a German Shorthaired Pointer – Arthur Liebers (1961)
How to Raise, Train English Springer Spaniel – Robert Gannon (1961)
Kerry Blue Terrier – Fred Schweppe
Modern Bloodlines in the Alsatian – Nem Elliot (1968)
New Complete English Springer Spaniel – Charles Goodall and Julia Gasow (1989)
New Complete Great Dane – Noted Authorities
New Shetland Sheepdog – Maxwell Riddle
Rough Collies – Hazel Hunt (1990)
Sheltie Talk 3x – Betty Jo McKinney and Barbara Rieseberg (1985)
Shetland Sheepdogs – Evelyn Miller (1982)
Shetland Sheepdogs–The Sheltie – Beverly Pisano (1979)
Shetland Sheepdogs–The Sheltie – Jan Moody (1990)
Shibas – Richard Tomita (1992)
The Afghan Hounds – Dennis McCarthy (1977)
The Book of All Terriers – John Marvin (1964)
The Book of the English Springer Spaniel – Anna Katherine Nicholas (1983)
The German Shepherd – Captain V. Stephanitz (1950)
The German Shepherd Dog – Jane Bennety (1982)
The International Collie Handbook – Audrey Chatfield (1994)
The New Collie – Collie Club of America (1983)
The New Complete English Setter – Davis Tuck (1978)
The New Complete Great Dane – By Noted Authorities (1977)
The New Complete Irish Setter – Irving Eldredge and C. Vanacore (1984)
The New Complete Norwegian Elkhound – Olav Wallo (1970)
The New Complete Saint Bernard – Georgean Raulston, Rex Roberts (1973)
The New German Shorthaired Pointer – Bede Maxwell (1963)
The New Irish Setter 2x – William Thompson (1968)
The Scottish Terrier – D.S. Caspersz (1958)
The Working Springer Spaniel – Keith Erlandson (2006)
This Is the Great Dane – Ernest Hart (1967)
This Is the Irish Setter – Joan McDonald Brearley (1975)
Training Book for Bouviers and Owners – Dopnna Rioux (2005)
Ultimate Dog Book – David Taylor (1990)

NEW 2016
Dog language – Rodger Abrantes

The Lost History of the Canine Race – Mary Thurston (1996)
Dominance in Dogs, Fact or Fiction – Barry Eaton (2010)
Dogs, a New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior, and Evolution – Raymond and Lorna Coppinger (2001)
How the Dog Became the Dog – Mark Derr (2011)

NEW 2017
The new art of breeding better dogs – Onstott
Advanced Canine reproduction and puppy care – Myra Savant
The Dog in Action – McDowell Lyon

The mating and whelping of dogs – Captain Graham
Dog Locomotion and Gate Analysis – Curtis Brown
A Field Guide in Colour to Dogs – Novotny and Najman (1977)
Advanced Canine Reproduction and Puppy Care – Myra Savant Harris Rn (2011)
Animals in Translation – Temple Grandin (2005)
Breeders Guide to Successful Breeding and Health Management – Margaret Root Kustritz (2006)
Canine Hip Dysplasia – Ofa (1973)
Canine Reproduction – Phyllis Holst Ms, Dvm (1985)
Canine Terminology – Harold Spira (1982)
Choose To Heal – Dawn Jecs (1995)
Control of Genetic Diseases in Dogs – Dr George Padgett Dvm (1998)
Dog Breeding and Management – E. Daglish
Dog Breeding and Management – Fitch Daglish (1969)
Dog Breeding As a Fine Art – Amy Fernandez (2002)
Dogs I illustrations – Rien Poortvliet (1983)
Dogsteps A New Look – Rachael Page Elliot (2009)
How to Breed Dogs – Whitney (1972)
Inheritance Coat Color in Dogs – Clarence Little Sc.D. (1973)
Puppy Development – Pat Hastings
Puppy Development – Pat Hastings
Puppy Intensive Care a Breeders Guide to Newborns – Myra Savant Harris Rn (2006)
Structure and Terminology – Edward Gilbert and Thelma Brown (2001)
Structure, In Action – Pat Hastings and Wendy Wallace Dvm (2011)
The Dog in Action – McDowell Lyon’s (1978)
The Good Dog – Avi (2001)
The New Art of Breeding Better Dogs X2 – Kyle Onstott and Son Phillip (1962)

NEW 2017
Dog Care and Keeping – Will Judy
First Aid and Health Care for Dogs – Dr C. Bell
Getting in Touch with your Dog – Tellington Jones
Preventing and treating Cancer in Dogs – S. Messonnier DVM

Raw Meaty Bones – Tom Lonodale
Complete and Balanced 101 meals – H. Watson BSc
Natural Health Dogs and Cats – Dr. Pitcairn
Holistic Guide for Healthy Dog – Volhard and Brown
Cooking for one of the family – Dr. B. Tonken
Protect your Pet  (Diet) Ann Martin
Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats K. Schultz CCN AHI
Natural Remedies Vet Guide  Martin Zuker
First Aid for Dogs – Boyle and Blood (1998)
Food Pets Die For Shocking Facts about Pet Food – Ann Martin (1997)
Grow Your Pups with Bones, Barf Diet – Dr. Billinghurst (1998)
Optimal Nutrition – Raw and Cooked – Monica Segal Ahcw (2007)
Overpopulation of Cats and Dogs Causes, Effects, Prevention – Ny Human Ass Marjorie Anchel PhD (1990)
Pet Care on a Budget – Virginia Guidry (1998)
The Telling Touch – Train and Care – Linda Tellington-Jones with Sybil Taylor (1992)
The Well Dog Book – Illustrated Medical Companion – Terri Mcginnis Dvm (1979)
TV Vet Dog Book – TV Vet (1974)

A Bite of Death – Susan Conant (1991)
A New Leash on Life – Susan Conant (1990)
Animal Appetite – Susan Conant (1997)
Best Hikes with Dogs Western Washington – Dan Nelson (2010)
Black Ribbon – Susan Conant (1995)
Body Language and Emotion of Dogs – Myrna Milani Dvm
Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul 2x – Canfield Hansen Becker Kline Shojai (2005)
Cooking For One of the Family – Dr Tonken (1985)
Creature Discomforts – Susan Conant (2000)
Dead and Doggone – Susan Conant (1990)
Dog Care and Keeping – Will Judy (1954)
Dog Names – Simon Jeans (1992)
Dog People Are Crazy – Max Riddle (1978)
Dog Quotations – Helen Exley (1993)
Dogged Pursuit – Robert Rodi (2009)
Dogs – Ben Wicks
Dogs – Rien Poortvliet
Dogs A Hobby or A Profession – M.J. Weir (1975)
Dogs Poems and Illustrations – Ben Wicks (1983)
Game—-My Dog Can Do That – Game
Home Grooming For Dogs – Adrienne Yorinks (1988)
How I Learned To Talk Dog – SPCA (1995)
If Only They Could Speak – Nicholas Dodman (2002)
Lassie: A Dog’s Life – The First 50 Years – Ace Collins (1993)
Lonesome Memoirs of a Wilderness Dog – Chris Czajkowski (2006)
Mother Goose – William Wegman’s (1996)
On Talking Terms with Dogs Calming Signals – Turid Rugaas (1997)
Paws and Effect Healing Power of Dogs – Sharon Sakson (2009)
Paws Before Dying – Susan Conant (1991)
Picture Your Dog in Needlework – Borssuck and Jackson (1980)
Private Life of the Dog – R.H. Smyth Mrcvs (1965)
Red Dog – Louis De Bernieres (2001)
Second Hand Dog – Carol Lea Benjamin (1988)
Stud Rites – Susan Conant (1996)
Taking Your Dog Backpacking – Alan and Joann Riley (1979)
The Complete Book of the Dog – Amanda O’Neill (1989)
The Faithful Friend Writings about Owning and Loving Dogs – Edited Lois Daniel (1968)
The Faithful Friend Writings about Owning and Loving Dogs – Hallmark
The Hidden Life of Dogs – Elizabeth Thomas (1993)
The Hidden Life of Dogs – Elizabeth Thomas (1993)
The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog – Wendy Volhard & Kerry Brown Dvm (1995)
The Illustrated Dog’s Life – Warren Eckstein (1992)
The Intelligence of Dogs – Stanley Coren (1994)
The New Yorker Book of Dog Cartoons – Alfred Knopf (1992)
The Portable Pet – Barbara Nicholas (1983)
Travelling With Your Pet – Directory of Hotels Ect (1992)
Your Family Dog – Maxwell Riddle (1972)

Ultimate Dog Book
Royal Canin Encyclopedia
Love of Dogs
Illustrated Dog’s Life
Complete Book of Dog O. Neil
Complete Book of Dog A. Sayer
International Encyclopedia Dangerfield, Howell
Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds J. Cunliffe
The Complete Bk of thed Dog Larkins
Encycolpedia of Dog Marples
Dogs Poortvliet
Royal Canine Dog–Large Breeds

Agility 101 Pawsitive Approach – Produced Nanaimo (2003)
An Intro to All Breed Herding – Own River Production
Arabella Baird’s Cruciate Seminar – Power Pt Presentation – Nanaimo Kennel Club
Behind The Fence – North Island Wildlife Recovery Ass.
Chd the Hidden Disease – Ofa (1999)
Chd the Hidden Disease – Ofa (1999)
Dog Training – Leslie Nelson
Extreme Dogs – Comic Antics of Jrt and Friends (2000)
Nkc Banquet (2009)
Power of Positive Training – Patti Ruzzo
Problem Solving In Open – Annemarie Silverton (1993)
Step Up To T6he Platform – Michelle Pouliot
Terry Arnold Training – Terry Arnold
Tracking Problems – Leerburg
Volhard Teaching Obedience Classes –Level One – Jack Volhard and Wendy Volhard
Volhard Training Open Training – The Teaching Phase – Volhard (1990)
Volhard Training Video Level One – Jack Volhard and Wendy Volhard
Volhard Training Video Utility – Jack Volhard and Wendy Volhard (1990)