Nanaimo Kennel Club Code of Ethics

Members hereby pledge to practice good sportsmanship at all times, and to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects well upon the Club. 

Members will refrain from verbal aggression, insults, derogatory names or language, rumors or gossip, vandalism of personal or club belongings, threats, personal attacks, cyber bullying or any other action that could be construed as harassment

Members will undertake to enhance the place of dogs as essential members of society..

Members will encourage and educate members, newcomers and the general public in all matters dog related.

Members will recognize that dogs require extensive socialization. As part of the family, dogs should be included in day-to-day activities wherever and whenever possible.

Members who decide to breed their dog(s) will ensure that the welfare of the puppies is of prime importance from birth to death. This includes accepting the return of the dog under any circumstances. Care and training of both puppies and owners are essential throughout the dog’s life.

Members will encourage the spaying and neutering of dogs not intended for breeding or showing.

Members will not sell puppies or dogs through any retail outlet or wholesaler, raffle, auction, or conduct any other third party transaction.

Members will ensure that, at all times, dogs under their control are properly housed, fed, watered, exercised, safely transported, and that they receive appropriate veterinary attention when required.

Members shall not allow dogs under their care to roam at large, and when in public places shall ensure they are leashed as required and are under control at all times. 

Members will be expected to “pick up” after their dogs at all times.