Nanaimo Kennel Club lure coursing enthusiasts can check for updates on their Facebook page Nanaimo Kennel Club Lure Coursing


$5 per dog. This means you can run your dog in its turn in the queue as many times as lure coursing lasts (allowing for your dog’s recovery time)


TBA on the group. Watch for Yvonne Downey’s posts about when we have the field!


* All dogs must be on leash when not coursing
* All poop must be immediately picked up and disposed of
* Keep clear of the coursing line when walking the field
* Keep your dog from contacting other dogs (unless you know it’s safe) – many dogs are more reactive when excited by the coursing


6671 Harwood Drive, which is off Ware Road, Lantzville


Take Ware road heading for the hills. Follow to stop sign at Harwood drive, turn left and head for the hills. Go about a block and a half and we are on the right side #6671 (red vertical sign on a fence post). Park in the field. Just remember to head for the hills and you won’t go wrong.


Lure coursing has typically been a Sight Hound sport. A way to measure ability, endurance, speed, agility and enthusiasm.

However on May 1, 2010, UKC opened up Lure Coursing to be included as a Performance Event including sight hounds, all breeds and mixed breeds to be able to participate for Coursing Aptitude Titles.

We are running by U.K.C rules as Ron is a judge for UKC. At this time we are running for Fun only!!

Ron will judge the speed of the lure depending on the dog. My old dog Parker runs pretty slow these days, but can still enjoy the sport

The course is usually up to 400-600 yards in length. We are lucky to have the use of Forest Park School playing field, and so long as we remember, this is a school where children play, so pick up is very important

It is also very important the dogs that are not running are kept securely on leash, loose dogs running with one on course can be hazardous for both dogs.