Foundation Rally Skills

Foundation Rally Skills

Taught by Teresa

Tuesday evenings at 6:00 – 6:45 pm starting January 16

Duration = six weeks

Rally is a dog activity that incorporates skills from obedience, pet manners, agility, and tricks into an inclusive sport that encourages people to enjoy time with their dogs.  It is less formal than obedience and you do not need a high level of precision to enjoy trials and get passing scores.   At the same time, you can be as precise as you wish and have trained yourself and your dog to be.

Course Details

This class is introductory and is geared toward handlers with dogs with a demonstrable basic understanding of  “sit” and “down”, and are comfortable in group class environments.  

Please note that this class does not cover the execution of specific signs, but it establishes a solid foundation in the essential skills required to complete signs – allowing you to break down signs into manageable chunks for your success.

These skills will include:

  • Fronts
  • Finishes
  • Pivots and Turns
  • Short heeling segments

We will teach our dogs the mechanics of these skills with lessons and games to help clarify the above skills for your dog.  This helps your dog be a willing partner who understands what you are doing together. 

The lessons and games will include activities like the following:

  • Hind end awareness including how to rotate
  • When and where and how to give treats and rewards
  • How to use toys
  • Finding front and finding heel
  • Settling and waiting quietly while other dogs are active
  • Position duration (in sit, stand, down)
  • Sending dog around a cone
  • Hand and/or object touches
  • Remote rewards and transitioning from food in hand
  • Working around distractions
  • Engagement activities like spin and weave between handler legs
  • Navigating signs and cones with your dog


  • your willingness to spend even just five minutes most days working on your homework
  • Homework will be emailed to you a day or so after each class.
  • Your dog can work in a group class atmosphere without disrupting or impacting the safety of other dogs/handlers or the enjoyment of other dogs/handlers.
  • Your dog is food-motivated

What you will need

  • your happy dog who enjoys food rewards
  • A plain collar (flat or martingale) 
  • Leash (6′-8′)
  • Long line (10′-15′)
  • Treats (high-value and small—cheese, meat cubes, dried fish, freeze-dried lung, carrots – whatever your dog will work for)
  • A pouch or training vest or good pockets for carrying treats
  • Water and a dish for your dog
  • A crate or pen for your dog to learn to settle with other dogs around
  • A rubber or non-slip pot of diameter 6-14 inches (depending on your dog) and height about 2-4 inches.
  • A blanket or pad for your dog
  • A cone (a dollar store cone is fine)