What Is Junior Handling?

Handling is the skill and art of presentation of a dog that is taken into the show ring for the judge’s assessment.  The handler is judged on the ability of the handler in presenting the dog to its best in the show ring.

Handling differs from showing where the dog is being assessed against the Kennel Club breed standard. A person who takes a dog into the show ring is called a handler.

The handler should aim to become ‘invisible’ and your dog should always be in the forefront.  The handler should try to show off all the good points of the dog and minimise any faults.

What is expected of and taught to a junior handler?

Junior handler should foremost show a love for working with dogs.

Should support other junior handlers and show good sportsmanship.

Should put the dogs care as foremost importance, examples:

Keeping the dog in the shade

Assuring no contact with other dogs,

Making sure the dog has been watered etc.

Assure the safety of the dog. (Example: make sure the show table is stable before lifting the dog onto it).

How to stack and move a dog.

Proper dress attire for showing.

Basic care of a dog.

Names of basic body parts of a dog.

Juniors learn the origins and purpose of the breeds they show.

How to become a ‘Nanaimo Kennel Club’ junior handler.

NKC Junior Club is focused towards teaching our children the joy of dog companionship, the fun of training and competing with their dog while developing a strong appreciation and bond with dogs. 

Nanaimo Kennel Club’s Junior Classes will focus on giving our young dog handlers some basics of dog training. We would like the juniors to understand the concept that dog training can be fun.   Membership in the Nanaimo Junior club is $50 for September to the end of November.    This group of classes is open to children 9 years and older.  We also require for this class that the Junior handler be strong enough to control the size of dog they have in class.  NKC members may bring children younger then 9 if the child is assisted in class by an adult.  

For more information contact Sharon Medforth schippmast@outlook.com or 250-667-3878