NKC Puppy Class

Taught by Sandy

Thursday evenings at 7:00 – 7:45 pm starting January 18

Duration = six weeks


Following the methods used by Susan Garrett for teaching puppies, in this class we will be using food and play (the play is a planned way of playing )  to keep things fun for the pups while at the same time teaching them to enjoy learning.  We will also teach your puppy “its your choice” to do things, that way they are happier and more committed to learn what we want them to learn.  The pups are always rewarded for making the right choice (with food and/or play) and not rewarded if they don’t make the right choice.  There is no blaming the dog for wrong choices. We work at getting them to make the right choices which helps to make things clear for the dog.  

I think this way of teaching is also fun for the owners. Dogs learn better when they are having fun and as owners we have fun with them. 

This way of teaching dogs works for all ages of dogs, not just puppies.

Things we will be working on:

  • building a bond with your dog
  • Creating clarity with our teaching
  • Improving the pup’s confidence
  • Introduce challenges as they learn
  • Grow their ability to make good choices
  • Improve your dog’s ability to work around distractions
  • Having the dog accept husbandry tasks
  • Recalls
  • The dog being willing to walk comfortably beside you
  • How to work with the dog when something scares him 

Susan Garrett is a long time dog trainer based in Ontario.  She trains dogs to be well mannered happy dogs and she is also well known in agility circles.  She has numerous podcasts/videos on YouTube which are easily accessed if you wish to do so.  


Preparation for the class:

The age of the dogs can be 12 weeks to 6 months.  They need to at least have their second vaccination and we will need to see the paperwork.

Classes will run for 6 weeks, January 18 to February 22,  7:00-7:45 pm

 During the first class be prepared for a lot of excitement from the dogs, they are young and not used to this situation.


  • have a flat collar, with a regular buckle or snap-in buckle
  • All dogs will be on leash during class
  • Having 3 different treats is helpful,  a regular treat, then two different high value treats.  The treats can be bought, homemade, cheese, beef, ham, or whatever your dog likes, and cut them up into small pieces  
  • A toy for the dog, preferably a tug toy, even if your dog doesn’t really tug
  • It’s best to have a crate for your dog, or an x-pen if that works better for your dog

I will be teaching the class with Dinant. If you have any questions please email me at Sandy@nanaimokennelclub.ca

Sandy Limb