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The Nanaimo Kennel Club classes are held in the Centennial Building at Beban Park.

How much:

All our sessions run for 6 weeks and cost  $95 per dog unless otherwise marked in the descriptions below.

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The basics for your pet

Designed for puppies under 16 weeks of age at the beginning of the class.

The program focuses on teaching good social skills for your puppy, as well as addressing the concerns of a “new puppy parent” such as crate training, biting, chewing etc.

Classes will help you discover what type of temperament your puppy has, and the best methods to use to teach that puppy all the way into adulthood.  Using positive reinforcement, we will show you how to start your puppy on the basic commands such as Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Walking on leash along with lots other useful information.

You have a puppy over 6 months old, you have taken a puppy class and your puppy is ready for more...this class is for you! In this class, your adolescent puppy will practice settling on a mat, continue to practice basic behaviours including sit, down, stand, wait and leave it as well as learning to pay attention to you in a busy classroom environment. You and your puppy will learn some easy games and positive reinforcement strategies for making learning fun that you can practice at home as well as in different environments. The aim of this class is to provide a group experience in a safe but more challenging setting for your puppy to continue the learning you have been working on at home.

The Beginners class is appropriate for dogs that have passed the early puppy stage (estimated around 5-6 months old).  Older dogs are also welcome.  A priority in this class will be to organize your dog's behavior to function in the household setting, and 'out and about' in the public domain. Socialization and handling skills are tackled early in the course. A dog comfortable around people is a necessary accommodation for city dwellers.  A well-mannered dog needs a basic skill set of: Leash manners, a reliable recall, Pay attention to me!! positions (sit, down, stand)  including duration.  Manners include lunging or jumping issues at people and a dog that will tolerate other dogs at least at a distance.  We will teach you as a dog owner the take away skills you need to independently train your dog into the future and to necessarily motivate your pet to enjoy the training process.  Our program involves group instruction, demonstrations, individual assistance and online lesson plans.  Keep in mind all dogs advance at their own pace!

The CGN is a CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) twelve-step program designed to ensure that your canine companion has achieved the socialization and basic manners necessary for your dog to participate as a valued member of society on easy terms with people/other dogs in the public domain.  A reliable and trustworthy dog companion is a pleasure to an owner and to all those who come in contact with them.  The aim is for your dog to be an ambassador that will set you both as an example of what a dog companion team should look like, not a reason to be resented by the public at large.  The program includes both purebred dogs and mixed breeds.  The test is a fair calculation of the skills necessary for you and your dog to operate as an exemplary team out and about in society.

The twelve steps which in the test must all be successfully passed include the following:

  • Three stages of socialization that demonstrate reasonable greeting skills, petting and tolerance to handling by a friendly stranger.

  • Loose Leash walking.  Walking beside the handler as directed by an evaluator. Also proceeding through a busy crowd without undue concern or loss of rapport as a team.

  • Position skills with duration.  The handler leaves the dog in a chosen position and after a short distance resumes the original heel position.

  • Recall proficiency

  • Praise/Interaction.  The team play without toy aides and the dog on request is able to calmly settle.

  • Visual and auditory distractions.  This includes a variety of possible diversions such as people, a passing dog, wheelchairs, buggies, children running ect.  Only mild interest should be notable.

  • The ability of your dog to be left with a third party and not become anxious exhibiting lunging, panting or barking behaviors.

  • Door manners.  An enjoyable walk begins with an organized calm departure from your front door!  Many unfortunate incidences begin with a dog charging out the door and barrelling down the street into danger.

All these skills must be met with team work, control of your dog without a display of shyness, resentment or aggression.  The owner needs to have control of their dog at all times without harsh leash control or cross commands.

The CGN six -week course offered at the Nanaimo Kennel Club will help to prepare your team for this test which is held on the island in various venues throughout the year.  A dog that takes the Cgn test but does not pass is considered simply not ready and welcome to try again.  The course and the test are great relationship builders giving you a curriculum structure for your training pleasure to master over time.  Note that this course is not competition level standards and is well within the capability of any conscientious team interested in pursuing this fun activity.

CGN 12 step program

Prerequisite:  Either a Beginner class or a more mature dog who has the basic skills already in place.

Advanced class (Becoming Relevant) : The advanced class will continue on with basics from the Beginners but more in depth.  An understanding of learning theory and markers, a stress on focus in all work, rules and structures of play developing impulse control (tugs toys required). Touch pad intro, stress on Heel work foundations, conditioning and body awareness, understanding of Basic position at Heel,  leash pressure, cheap tricks, position work refined, the Front chain, and more!

NOTE:  Crates required!  Light canvass collapsible crates ideal for larger dogs

The Centennial Building is set up with rings for those handlers who wish to practice their skills.  It is also an environment for young dogs that need show building exposure.  Pretend judges are available to examine your dog in the standard fashion of a show.

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Would your child love to learn to train their dog? Would your child enjoy improving their bond with their dog and learning the skills to compete in Rally Obedience with their dog?

We are offering a Junior trainer class, this is a fun class and is very bonding for child and dog.

For this class the child must be 10 to 17 years of age and have a interest in learning to train their dog.

The child will have to practice the training skills taught in this class at home with their dog.

The child must also be able to have basic control over the dog. This simply means the child needs to be strong enough to not be pulled around by the dog we will teach them the rest .

Dog does not have to be a purebred dog to compete in Rally obedience . but If not purebred, registered, must be spayed or neutered

This is going to be a fun informative class for dog and child.

Some classes to consider after the basics:

Rally is a program where dog and handler use directional signs to run through a numbered course. Rally goes beyond basic heeling by interspersing different movements with the normal sits, turns and paces of traditional heeling.
Rally requires a brisk pace, positive attitude and happy demeanour. It is not simple or easy, but challenges handlers and dogs to perform in a partnership. Unlike traditional obedience, handlers may use extra signals and/or commands throughout their run to encourage their dogs. This feature, along with variability incorporated into course design and format, creates a fast-moving, continuous performance.
The NKC supports Rally-O trials under many different organizations: CKC, AIOC, CARO and UKC .
In this class students will learn all three levels of CKC signs Novice Advanced and Excellent- dogs do not have to be ready for the advanced and excellent levels to partake in the class
*** Dogs coming into the rally class should be able to sit, down, stand on command ( voice and or signal) and have a basic understanding of heel position.

This class if for dogs that have had no previous scent training

Inspired by working detection dogs, Scent Detection is the fun search and scenting activity for virtually all dogs and people. The sport of Scent Detection is designed to let dogs engage their natural scenting abilities in a fun and rewarding manner.  As every dog owner is aware, canines have incredibly sensitive noses. They learn about the world through their sense of smell. Scent Detection, also called scent work, is a relatively new sport for pet dogs and their owners, and encourages dogs to use their natural hunting drive and unique talent for picking up scents and locating the source.

For all dogs that have already taken the Introduction to Scent Detection class.

This class will build on skills already learned and polish the more advanced skills of scent detection

This class is for the experienced handler.  We will work on basic obedience and/or conformation .   This class is for everyone wanting to have a bit of structure for their training while we are encouraging everyone to help each other.

Basic obedience, sit stand, stays, attention and recall just to name a few.  This is a class that will be determined by the level the participants are at.

And our competition classes:

This class is aimed toward those who are new to Rally FrEe but have dogs who can heel as well as those who have learned some Rally FrEe behaviours and are ready for more coursework. This Rally FrEe class will have dogs heeling on both right and left, and learning the requirements for Novice Rally FrEe. This class is different than Rally Obedience—please check to see what this new sport is all about before signing up

The class is the second level of Agility so dogs need to have completed the Intro to Agility course.

In Sequencing dogs and handlers will learn to navigate different agility course skills and begin running mini courses.

The class will prepare your Foundation Skills for Dog Sports. The exercises will help the participants build attention, engagement and drive. We will mainly focus in competition obedience but the skills are applicable to other dog team sports as well.

Foundation work for competition

Heeling — footwork, forward halt, left turn, right turn, about turn , figure eight,

Focused attention

Being variable and unpredictable

Stand for examination and recall

Long sit and long down

Companion Dog Excellence

Introduction to the dumbbell and drop on recall

Continued off leash heeling practice

Introducing out of site long sit and down

Teaching and perfecting the exercises needed for Utility, the curriculum will be flexible depending on the needs of the students

Continuation on preparation for the Open ring and beyond.

Requirement: The dog has taken CDX and has a reliable retrieve

Rally Obedience is a companion sport to formal Obedience, though many find it to be much more relaxed and motivational.  As with Obedience, dogs in Rally-O should demonstrate willingness, enjoyment and teamwork. In this Beginner class we will introduce the CKC Novice Rally exercises and corresponding signs, practice heeling skills and build towards short courses.  Teams must have at least basic obedience skills including heel, sit, down and stand.

Rally Obedience is a companion sport to formal Obedience, though many find it to be much more relaxed and motivational.  As with Obedience, dogs in “Rally-O” should demonstrate willingness, enjoyment and teamwork. In this Beginner/Advanced class we will introduce the CKC Novice and Advanced Rally sign descriptions and rules, including how your performance is scored, we will practice heeling and position skills and build towards short courses.  We will be working on leash and there will be no jumping required.  Teams must have at least basic obedience skills including heel, sit, down and stand.  Your dog must always be under your control.  You will be required to bring a suitably sized crate for your dog if/when you need to work away from them.  You must also bring a large quantity of really yummy or fun rewards.  (Please no balls or noise making toys) Remember that the speed at which your dog learns is directly proportional to the effort you put in and the value of their rewards. Pay well for good work! Your class will include a pdf file of all the CKC 2021 Rally Obedience Signs.

In this higher-level Rally-O session we will learn the sign descriptions, rules and deductions of the CKC Excellent and Master’s classes.  At this level your dog will be jumping and will be working off leash, so it is essential that they always be under your control or be placed in his/her crate if you need to work away from them.  You must also bring a large quantity of really yummy or fun rewards (Please no balls or noise making toys). Remember that the speed at which your dog will learn is directly proportional to the value of the food/toy or voice rewards they receive. Pay well for good work! Your class will include a pdf file of all the CKC 2021 Rally Obedience Signs.